Caustic soda liquid is the best fatty material and deposition which is widely used in the production of detergents, detergents and deposition.

Caustic soda liquid uses

Liquid Caustic soda are used in most industries but it is the most consumed in the paper and paper industry in the paper industry, about a quarter of the total liquidity sales are used.

In the paper industry, about a quarter of the total liquid Caustic soda are used. More than tens of millions of tons of liquid Caustic soda are produced annually in the world this amount is consumed by various industries and households. This amount is consumed by various industries and households.

From Caustic Soda liquid is using for making the soap, shampoo, detergent and cleanser too much.

Exporting of Caustic soda Liquid

Liquid caustic soda is packaged in a 220 liter barrel and pallet and is ready to be delivered to other country’s ports according to the incoterms rules.

Sales of high quality liquid caustic soda would be with analysis and MSDS. liquid caustic soda would be first raw material of Caustic soda flake with purity of 98-99% that will produce by Evaporate its liquids.

Transport and storage of Caustic soda liquid

Liquid caustic soda is a highly reactive alkali salt. This material, if exposed to open air, It tends to absorb moisture in the environment, which reduces its purity.

It is also a carbon dioxide gas absorber and it turns into sodium carbonate and at least solid. To maintain Caustic soda liquid of 50%, it should be noted that the material should be kept at a temperature of 15 to 55 ° C.

If the liquid flow rate increases by more than 55 degrees, it can cause corrosion in the walls of the reservoir. Also, if the temperature drops to below 15 ° C, it starts to harden.


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