Caustic soda flakes using for Olive Sweeten

Sweeten Olive with Caustic soda flake
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Caustic soda flakes using for Olive oil sweeten the olive by caustic soda flakes First, freshly arranged olive fruits after cleaning and removing the foliage And the injured and diseased fruits or pungent, The inside of the barrel is poured into any suitable dish and adds ordinary water So that after the olives have fallen, Take about 15 centimeters of water above olives. In the second step, sweetening the olives should measure the volume of water to determine how many liters it is (1.5 liter beverages can be used). For the sweetening of olives, 20 grams of Caustic soda flake (NaOH) are considered for each liter of water and pour the caustic soda flakes into the volume of water in the container and, with caution, stir for a few minutes with a clean piece of wood until the Caustic soda is completely dissolved. With care and without contacting with you hands skin and its droplets with your eyes; put the product on olive and close the container. After 10-12 hours past for olives group A and after 8-10 hours past for olives group B opening the door of the container. During this time, it is advisable to stir the container contains a few times and the color of Solution in container will turn to brown. Before pouring the dark solution, remove a few olive seeds carefully with a device and rinse well and place them in cold water for a few minutes. if color of water did not change test one of the removed olive with your Tongue, if the bitter taste did not feel its OK now and if not they still remain in brown Solution for more hours. After you are sure, the olives are not Bitter; Discard the dark solution thoroughly (Note that this solution is alkaline and does not pour into plants or inside the garden). Changing water of olives in the container with fresh water for one or two days and be sure that the water color will not change and To neutralize the probable Caustic soda flake, add one liter of vinegar per ten liters of water. And after a day and night changing the container water two or three times. Then poured the olive water And bring them into salt water for 30-20 hours the salt of water must be 7 percent (70 grams of salt per liter of water). Take olives from 7% water And transfer to salt water 4% Boil the salt water and pour it on the olives after cooling And then transfer the olives into small containers for consumption or sale. Glass containers are the top priority for keeping the olive for health.

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