Sodium hydroxide properties

This combination, in contact with skin, has a corrosive effect.

Sodium hydroxide is dissolved in ethanol, methanol and water.

Uses of sodium hydroxide

Chemical production

Rayon production

Production of pulp and paper

Production of paint, petrochemicals and textiles

Soap and detergent

Determination of the concentration of unknown acids in acid and Alkali

Sodium hydroxide production method

This material is commercially available as a 50% solution with electrolytic process changes. Chlorine gas is usually formed in this process.

Historically, sodium hydroxide can be obtained by treating sodium carbonate with calcium hydroxide (sodium hydroxide is soluble, while the available calcium carbonate is not present), also called the burning reaction.

In the late nineteenth century, the solvay process replaced this process. Sodium hydroxide is produced directly by the reaction of sodium and water, which is the secondary product of gas and hydrogen heat, which is often accompanied by flame.

Sodium metal separation is accomplished by reducing electrolysis of sodium compounds such as sodium hydroxide.

Sodium hydroxide Soluble electrolysis is performed as follows:

The highest amount of sodium hydroxide produced by the electrolysis process of sodium chloride solutions is obtained in one of a variety of electrolytic containers.

As an example, in the process of mercury cell (Castner-Kellner), a stream of mercury is used as a cathode, and the sodium sulfate is combined with water and the cystic acid is synthesized, and in the other process, the diaphragm cell, the anode electrolyte The cathode moves and the diaphragm (made of cotton or other membrane materials) separates the anode and cathode products.

In both processes, in addition to soda ash, chlorine gas and also hydrogen gas are produced.

Sodium hydroxide is Acid or Alkali?

In chemistry, the material can be classified into three categories, acid and neutral. There are several methods for classifying acids and bases, which, of course, do not need to know all of them to check the game or the acidity of NaOH, and knowing one is enough to be followed.

Based on this model, materials that have -OH ions in their structure are open, and materials that contain +H ions are acidic. Based on this definition, NaOH is a substance of the game and in fact (titration and other measurement methods) is also very strong.


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