Caustic soda flakes uses

Caustic soda flake uses
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Caustic soda flakes uses are very various and we can mention some of them here In short:

In the soap making and manufacturing of detergents, the oil and gas industry, ceramic industry, the neutralization of acid wastewater and the cleaning and removal of acid compounds from exhaust gases are used.

its raw material in the production of many chemical products. for example in In pulp and paper industry, Aluminum production, Ink removal from waste paper, water refinery And many other industries.

Also as an intermediate and reactive in processes that contain a lot of substances, including solvents, Plastic, artificial fiber, Bleachers, Glue, Coatings, Ink, Paint, Herbicides and medicinal substances, such as aspirin, are producing is using.

Caustic soda flakes uses can be summarized as follows:

Dyeing industry

Carton and paper production

Leather and textile industries

Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Industries

Acid neutralization and battery industries

Lubricants and other related industries

Food industry, milk industries, canning

Soft Drinking Industries, Sugar factory, Oil factory

Pharmaceutical industries

Alcohol and cosmetics industries

Metal industry and glass, aluminum, galvanizing and electroplating

In the oil and gas industry

In the military industry

Also applicable to industries that are exposed to pathogens

It is also used in the polymer and pet industry and is therefore used as a anti fat

The oil and gas refinery is used to remove acidic compounds from fuel gases before entering the environment.

In liquid state, the environment from resins and the chromatography system are used

In homes using as Tuber opener and bleach solutions and many other uses that realy we can mention all of them here.

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