Caustic soda flakes use in food industries

caustic soda flake use in food
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Caustic soda flakes is using in canning industry. The use of this material is alkaline and is used very dilute.

The production of milk is another place that is using caustic soda.

Water treatment is also used from various industries that deal with water purification. Caustic soda flakes are used.

Cocoa production, Production of chocolate and caramel production is another of the industrial applications of this chemical material.

It is also used in the production of carbonated beverages. Olive sweetening is also one of the special uses of this substance. Of course, its use should be industrial and scientific in order not to cause a problem for the human body.

Caustic soda flakes is used to wash vegetables and fruits in the food industry. Of course, it is clear that the order is in the food industry and is not recommended for home use.

Oil refining, sugar production, sugar production, etc. Other uses of caustic soda in flakes Mode are in the food industry.

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