Caustic soda flakes properties

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Caustic soda flakes properties main of them would be its Solubility that would be 111 gram in 100 milliliter of heated water with temperature of 20 C°.
And this Caustic soda flakes properties or its Solubility in other Solvents like Glycerin, Ethanol and Methanol would be equal together.
Anti fat Property of Caustic soda would be another property that we can mention here. and exactly this property is main reason that is using in many industries.
Its Fat clearer property is very important and Caustic soda flake would be Neutralizing of Acidic environments and follow of Alkalinity property of this material are using from it for Neutralizing Acidic environments.
Different Acidic environments will neutralize with this material. And exactly for this reason normally calling Caustic soda flakes as an environment pH adjuster. And this property made its uses wider in industries and made it a versatile material