Products can made from Caustic soda flakes

Products can made from Caustic soda
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Caustic soda with many different name like Liquid caustic, flakes caustic, pearl caustic and … is using in many manufacturing industries. Caustic soda flakes may be considered the most important chemical raw material because it has a very wide application in various industries. in the field of production is using from caustic soda flakes in producing various chemical products that Each one is consumed in the production of various products. in this article we want to introduce them to you.

Producible chemicals products by caustic Soda flakes and their uses:

Sodium Format: As a catalyst in leather, pharmaceutical and metal industries Sodium cyanide: steel making, nylon production, production of liquid soap Sodium Chloroate: Herbicides, Vitamin Production, Printing Industry Sodium Stanard: tile, ceramic and glass production, printing industry Sodium metasilicate: Soap and detergents Sodium Ortho Silicate: Adhesive, Soap, Fat Sodium phenolate: production of aspirin, disinfectants Sodium Propionate: Food Additives Monosodium glutamate: oral essential oil Sodium sulfite: fruit preservative, wood pulp production Sodium Molybdate: Fertilizer, Antiseptic Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate: whitening agent Sodium ylite: Soap, cosmetics, fabric waterproofing Sodium Lauryl Sulphate: Addition of Food Industries, Detergent Production Sodium stearate: cosmetics, grease, pharmaceuticals, soap Production of aluminum dust (bauxite) for the production of aluminum metal Cobalt Hydroxide Production: Catalyst Xylene Sulfonic acid: Synthetic detergents, paints Chemical pulp: paper production in the kraft process Polycarbonate: Electronic Industries, Automotive, Food Packaging, Compact Discs Hydrazine: Fuel Production, Pharmacy, Photography, Polymer, Spandex Fabric Vanilla: Oral flavor Epoxy resin: glue and coating Propylene chlorohydrin The use of caustic soda in liquid form is also profitable in petroleum, petrochemical, galvanizing, rubber, latex, resin, oil refining, printing, edible, linen fabrics, water purification, vegetable oil purification, and so on.

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