Caustic soda Flakes use in soap production

Caustic soda use in soap production
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Caustic soda Flakes use in soap have chemical formula NAOH and is a white substance and soluble in water. It is produced in various shapes of flakes, granules, powders and liquids. The most important of solid caustic soda is using in the formulation of detergent products, especially soaps, shampoos, and other health products. Caustic soda flakes is produced by electrolysis of sodium chloride solution. Caustic soda flakes is a strong alkaline substance that, when dissolved in water, completely dissolves into sodium-ion and negative hydroxide ions. Therefore, adding the Caustic soda flakes to the water is a highly reactive reaction and the liquid is produced. The caustic soda is an inorganic alkaline substance. This means that an alkaline substance does not have a carbon element. As the acidity of the water decreases with the addition of Caustic soda flake to the water, and PH of water will increases, so for regulating PH, some chemicals are used for caustic soda. The beneficial caustic soda solution is a highly edible material that causes severe damage to the skin And eyes. The severity of the damage caused by contact with caustic soda, depends on the concentration of the caustic soda solution, pH, contact time, skin type and contacted tissue. Protective equipment such as rubber gloves, protective clothing, face masks, and protective glasses while working with caustic soda or to carry caustic soda should be used. Caustic soda flake is used to produce soap in a soap forming reactionو After combining with other materials, caustic soda is completely safe and safe to produce detergents such as soap. Caustic soda solution is obtained by adding percolate to water. The Caustic soda solution dissolves when combined with greasy fats and oils. The reaction results in a soapy reaction. The product of the soap process is a substance known as soap.

Is it harmful to use products that contain caustic soda?

No, the fact is that you use the caustic agent everyday on a daily basis. If you use soap, shampoo, bleach it means you are using the products are contains caustic soda. The caustic soda, is used to produce soap types that you use on a daily basis. As mentioned above, from reaction between caustic soda and oil that we calling it soap reaction the soap will producing. (In fact, caustic soda and oil are the things that make soap). This compound is such that caustic soda is completely neutralized and consumed And ultimately, excessive caustic soda does not remain in the environment. Therefore, there is no concern about the viewing of caustic soda in detergent ingredients.

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