Caustic soda flakes VS Caustic soda liquid

Advantages of using Caustic soda flake over Caustic soda liquid
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Caustic soda flakes using advantages As you know, in the manufacturing industry, which has the ability to use Caustic soda liquid and Caustic soda flakes simultaneously. The use of  Caustic soda flakes with purity 98-99% instead of liquid caustic soda with purity of 30% -50% has advantages in addition to producing more value added.

As you know caustic soda with a NAOH formula would be Soluble in water And the dissolution of solid Caustic soda in water is accompanied by a lot of heat and this heat In some industries, some of the chemical reactions are used to provide the heat needed in some industries.

Other Caustic soda flakes using advantages advantages in solid mode instead liquid mode are lower transportation charges fee.

It’s easier and more convenient to carry on the Caustic soda flake than liquid.

More Safety in carrying and keeping and moving

The faster the loading and unloading of the solid Caustic soda than the liquid’s Caustic soda in barrels and bulk

Easy and convenient keeping and storage

Low risk of solid Caustic soda pollution due to the fact that it is not in contact with the environment, but in the liquidity of tankers and barrels, it has a significant role in liquid pollution, which is as long as maintaining liquid Caustic soda in the metal barrel or until ice in the cold another Advantages of solid Caustic soda are higher than liquid Caustic soda.

As you know Liquid caustic soda are frozen in cold weather, which has its own hardship.

Another advantage of using Caustic soda flakes is generating higher heat responses to water used in industries to provide heat to the reactor.

Adjustable PH by dissolving the solid caustic soda as much as desired with water.

The qualitative physical properties of solid Caustic soda flakes can also be visible but in liquid mode it would be visible.

Lower risks and greater safety with the preservation of the Caustic soda flake’ relative to liquid Caustic soda.

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